Animals of
Costa Rica

Get to know Costa Rica's remarkable world of animals.

Wouldn't it be great to have a reference in your pocket giving you deeper insights on what you have seen in Costa Rica's nature or what you plan to explore? No expensive and heavy books to carry around?
Well - here is the solution ...

Android Phone

Amazing Features & Content

This app will be the first comprehensive field guide of animals of Costa Rica containing around 6000 pictures of more than 4000 common or spectacular species from mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians as well as freshwater and marine fish to insects and spiders and many more.

It is addressed to nature lovers, students, nature guides, tourists or anyone else who wants to know more about the fascinating fauna of Costa Rica.

App Screenshots

The screenshots below should give you an overview about the app's functionality and look & feel.

Who developed the App

We have outsourced the software development to a Brazilian company with whome we like working together very much. Our focus lies on the specification, overall management and content production (besides the financing). We are doing all this in our spare time.

Gernot Kunz

As a biologist Gernot is the initiator of the App and responsible for its contents including most of the photos.

Gernot Kunz

Main Content & Photos & Marketing.
Stefan Kunz

With an IT background Stefan builds the bridge between consumer and development and does the overall coordination.

Stefan Kunz

Product Management & CTO.
Richard Kunz

Richard (our Dad) greatly supports us in the content production, classification and also contributes many photos.

Richard Kunz

Photos & Content Support

Interested in supporting us?

Building and maintaining an app is a lot of work. While we have outsourced the software development of the app you could support us in one of the following ways:


The app can be downloaded free of charge from Google and Apple Stores and allows you to evaluate the available functionality. The restriction is that there is only a limited set of animal species available in that version. Further animal species can then be unlocked through In-App-Purchasing directly in the app.

Note: The shown prices do not include taxes and might differ from the actual prices when purchased through the app store since they depend on several factors, especiall the type of store (Apple, Google), applicable taxes, the currency type and the region where they are being purchsed.

Note: When purchasing/downloading a package please consider that the download takes a significant amount of time and requires a good WLAN connection. The download of the "All Species" package requires about 2GB of space on the device. In the near future we want to add support for usage of external storage (SD-card) on Android devices.


Free Download

App can be downloaded for free to explore its features and functionality without any risk.

  • Complete set of features available
  • Pre-Selected set of animal species
  • Thumbnail previews of species from In-App packages
  • Full access to all species


Birds Package

Unlock all available bird species. Currently we have included more than 230 different birds like the well known Resplendent Quetzal or Keel-billed Toucan.

  • All birds unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to birds species

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Butterflies & Moths

Unlock all available butterflies and moths species. Currently we have included more than 700 different species like the opalescent Peleides Blue Morpho or the Giant Silkmoth.

  • All butterflies & moths unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to butterflies & moths species
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Arachnids Package

Unlock all available arachnid species. Currently we have included 270 different arachnids like the Sphaerobothria hoffmanni (Tarantula) or different kinds of Scorpions.

  • All arachnids unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to arachnids species
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Reptiles Package

Unlock all available reptile species. Currently we have included more than 80 different reptiles like the Green Iguana, the Green Parrot Snake, the Americal Crocodile but also different kinds of turtles.

  • All reptiles unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to reptiles species
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Mammals Package

Unlock all available mammal species. Currently we have included 45 different mammals like the White-headed Capuchin Monkey, the Jaguar or the Brown-Throated Sloth.

  • All mammals unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to mammals species
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Amphibians Package

Unlock all available amphibian species. Currently we have included around 30 different amphibians like the Emerald Glass Frog or the Strawberry Poison Frog.

  • All amphibians unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to amphibians species
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Fishes Package

Unlock all available fish species. Currently we have included more than 130 different fishes from the Atlantic and Pacific side like the Blue and Gold Snapper, the Red Lionfish or the Longtail Stingray.

  • All fishes unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to fish species
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Hemipterans Package

Unlock all available hemipterans. Currently we have included around 800 different hemipterans like the spectacular Orange Helicopter Treehopper (Umbelligerus woldai).

  • All hemipterans unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions to hemipterans
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More future packages

Stay tuned for more packages to come soon. These will include beetles, dragonflies & damselflies, grasshoppers, and more...

  • All associated species unlocked
  • Includes future updates / additions


To give you a better feeling about current and future developments we have made our roadmap publicly available.

We have chosen Trello to visualize our roadmap since this gives us better maintainability and allows registered Trello users to also comment and vote on items if they wish to do so.

Please keep in mind that roadmap items shall be considered as possible candidates and are subject to change.

>>> Visit our ROADMAP <<<

If you have additional ideas or recommendations about what we should consider in the future to make the app more valuable to you and other users we would be happy if you use our Contact Form to let us know.

Download Animals of Costa Rica for your OS

At the moment we are targeting iPhones and Android phones. In the near future we want to add special support for iPads and Android tablets as well and make optimized use of their larger screen sizes and resolutions.

Our iOS release is back online again. We apologize for the inconveniences encountered with the initial release!

You can use the links below to find the app on the according Google and Apple store.